Which services are offered by the GISP?

 The GISP offers domain registration and maintenance, Internet connections, Web designing, web development, Web hosting, Database Hosting, FTP Access, Web content management, Electronic mailing (e-mail), and internet training and troubleshooting.

 Why should I choose the GISP?

 As an arm of the Government, the GISP is not a profit making organization. It therefore offers, in terms of costs, the most flexible and affordable terms of payment. The GISP also has qualified and experienced personnel who offer a high and competitive level of expertise. 

 Which domain name extensions are available?

 .gov.zw and the .mil.zw 

 What is required to become a client?

 You need to be a government Institute, that is, a Ministry, Department, Parastatal or any other portfolio that falls under the Government of Zimbabwe. 

 How do I open an E-mail account with the GISP?

 You have to belong to a Government Ministry, Department or Parastatal. Apply for the email box by writing a formal letter (on a letter head) to the HEAD GISP through your Focal Person. 

 How do I open a leased circuit account?

 Apply to the HEAD GISP (through a formal letter) for the required service. 

 I have forgotten my E-mail/dial-up password, how do I retrieve it?

 Advice your contact at the GISP to write a letter to the HEAD GISP requesting for a Password Reset. Indicate the username of the account. 

 Should passwords be in any format?

 Yes. Secure passwords should include both numeric and alphabet characters and be at least 4 characters long 

 How do I pay for the services rendered to me?

 Payment is done directly into the GISP’S Ecobank Account Number FCA USD0011137600140801. 

 When do I start paying for the services rendered?

 As soon as the required service has been rendered

 Will I receive invoices and statements for my account?

 Yes. Invoices are dispatched on a quarterly basis 

 Can I make annual payments?

 Yes. This is the most encouraged payment method. 

 Where do I get online support?

 Visit our Online Support section

 Availability of services

 Our services are available 24/7 unless there are circumstances beyond our control. 

 Do you have any policies concerning content on websites you host?

 Yes. We abide by the Copyrights Act and certain content is not permissible. Examples are pornography and executable software.

 What have you done in terms of e-governance in Zimbabwe?

 We have been instrumental in ensuring that every Government Ministry and Department is connected to the internet. Currently, we are seized with the building of a national e-service platform to be accessed through the www.zim.gov.zw platform

  What security measures do you implement to ensure GISP’s services are protected?

 The GISP employs state of the art security technologies on its servers and network infrastructure.