WhatsApp’s battle against fake news is getting stronger as it is deleting 2 million accounts per month to combat the spread of fake news and misinformation. Taking forward its pledge to combat the spread of fake news in India, WhatsApp recently held a press conference in New Delhi before elections in the country.


The popular messaging platform describes how it uses machine learning to identify fake or malicious WhatsApp accounts by analyzing activities such as bulk messaging, automated behavior, or the creation of several fake accounts. Political parties in India use WhatsApp for the spread of propaganda, abusive and questionable content, and fake news, thus misusing the messaging platform.

To fight against fake news in India, WhatsApp recently put a limit on Forwarded messages up to 5 chats, a restriction that was extended to the rest of the world in January. A recent survey suggests that India is encountering more fake news than the other countries in the world, as it has the biggest market for WhatsApp with more than 200 million users.